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Big East Basketball: What each team's 2024 New Year's Resolution should be

American University v Villanova
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Xavier - Stay out of foul trouble

Xavier has found a way to keep this team stable despite a ton of losses in the offseason, and they now sit at 7-6 at this point in the season. They have won some impressive games and hung on against good teams despite not having the deepest roster.

But when you do not have a very deep roster, you have to keep those players who are playing well, in the game. Unfortunately for Xavier, they are second in the Big East in fouls with 17.2 per game. So not only are they giving up a ton of free throws to opponents, but they are also forcing themselves to have to play more lax defensively to avoid foul trouble. Defensive adjustments will be needed to avoid mismatches that cause foul trouble, and this team needs to stay disciplined.

Seton Hall - Shoot the ball better

The Seton Hall Pirates started off conference play with a bang by taking down UConn, but a loss to Xavier soured that win. What holds this team back is their shooting, they have not been great in terms of making shots fall from the outside, they only make 29.6 of their three-point attempts per game, which needs to see improvement.

They rely on one shooter to carry their outside effort in Al-Amir Dawes, and he has taken some time to get going this season. While they cannot just create good shooters out of thin air, they have two options to improve their situation.

Seton Hall can either get out of this slump and start shooting better, or go all in as an inside team, and force their way to tough buckets inside and free throw attempts. So far, they have gone with the latter, but at some point, they will have to shoot the ball to get back into a game.