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Big East Basketball: What each team's 2024 New Year's Resolution should be

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DePaul - Just get through the year

We can sit here and point out the exact ways that DePaul can improve their team and play better in certain areas, but they are in a position where they are destined for a rough season in 2024. They can get something out of this by picking up a few Big East wins and maybe getting an upset like they sometimes do during a season like this, but sometimes you do not need to make a huge change in a year, you just have to get through it.

This team can either sit there and already log their season as a failure, or they can fight on and try to put together some wins worth respecting once this is all said and done. Whether Stony Stubblefield will be fired in the middle of the season or the end of the season does not really matter, this team is going to struggle and have to fight through some major trials and tribulations.

But there is plenty of time for this team, and there is not much pressure to win with the expectations being quite small at this point. So this team should just take this year as an opportunity to play with house money, and they will still get a shot at the Conference Tournament at the end of the year like everybody else.

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The Blue Demons were able to pick up a win against Seton Hall at Madison Square Garden, and we have also seen miracle runs in that tournament before. DePaul can play this year out, prepare for that tournament, and see if they can make some magic happen. But all they have to do is just get through this season, and get an opportunity to make things right this offseason.