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Big East Basketball: Xavier, Seton Hall rises, Villanova slides in latest power ranking

Villanova v Marquette
Villanova v Marquette / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Big East Basketball is now getting closer and closer to the mid-point of the season, which means we are that much closer to Madison Square Garden and the Big East Tournament. We have seen struggles from some of the conference's top contenders, and surges from teams that were not projected to do much of anything this season.

But now that we have some time to sift through the chaos of the month of January, it is time to update the rankings of how good each team in this conference is. Some teams rose, some teams fell, and others just stayed put where they were before conference play began. There could be newcomers to the top three, and that also means newcomers to the bottom half of the Big East. The rankings in terms of the standings may also just not reflect how good each team actually is, strength of schedules could factor into what team's records are.

And once we get to the Big East Tournament, these rankings will most definitely find a way to shake up. Teams are now fighting for not only seeding in the conference tournament but for a spot in the great March Madness tournament as well. These games will matter so much more as each week goes by, and that leads to great games like the triple overtime game we saw with Seton Hall and Creighton, or a 92-91 thriller between Georgetown and Xavier. So where do these teams stack up now? Who is underrated, overrated, or just right when it comes to the standings?