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Big East Basketball: Xavier, Seton Hall rises, Villanova slides in latest power ranking

Villanova v Marquette
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10. Georgetown Hoyas

The Ed Cooley era is off to a rough start as the Georgetown Hoyas have only been able to pick up one total victory so far in Big East play, and that was the aforementioned victory over DePaul. This program needed a lengthy rebuild after the struggles post-Big East Championship under Patrick Ewing, but these struggles have been frustrating for the Georgetown faithful. They had an intriguing nonconference slate, almost beating TCU if not for a bad out of bounds call, but also losing to Holy Cross was not a great start. 

In BIg East play they have faced a difficult schedule, but wins have not been something they have seen very often this season. They have talent on this roster, but whether that talent just is not enough, or if Cooley is not getting the most out of them, that is something we will be able to tell in the second half of the season. The Cooley return to Providence is still yet to happen, and the schedule has them facing another tough stretch, but the end of the year is not as difficult. The jury is not yet out as to if Cooley will be a success in this progam. But it is clear he needs a bit more time.

Georgetown fans just have to realize they are in for a bumpy ride this season and potentially next year, but given the Providence success, Cooley has earned that time with this team. The Hoyas now just have to try to rebound their season as much as they can, but it will not be easy by any stretch of the imagination.