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Big Ten Basketball: Grading each team's 2023-24 non-conference performance

The end of the non-conference portion of the 2023-24 college basketball season is near, meaning it is time to grade how each Big Ten team has fared in non-conference play.

Zach Edey, Fletcher Loyer, Lance Jones
Zach Edey, Fletcher Loyer, Lance Jones / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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It’s that slow time of year in the college basketball season when players head home for Christmas and coaches begin to prepare for conference play starting in January. This odd, one-week window means a lighter slate not only in the Big Ten but for the entirety of college basketball as a whole.

With the majority of teams having just one more buy game left on the docket before Big Ten play resumes, it's time to take a look into how each team has fared in the non-conference portion of their season as the New Year approaches, starting from worst to best.