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Bracketology 2024: 10 notable teams in danger of missing the NCAA Tournament

San Francisco v Gonzaga
San Francisco v Gonzaga / William Mancebo/GettyImages
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While we are still more than six weeks away from Selection Sunday, we’re getting to the point in this college basketball season where you can’t help but think about March Madness. Many memories and unforgettable moments have already happened this season and will continue to transpire in the weeks ahead, but the postseason is what this sport is all about.

The Selection Committee won’t meet for over a month and still have hundreds of games in coming weeks to consider, but we’re starting to get a decent picture on this season. Some teams have greatly exceeded expectations. Other teams have faltered either early or in recent weeks. Still others haven’t really stood out but have done enough to warrant attention for play both good and bad.

At this point, we have a firm idea of a handful of teams that will be in the NCAA Tournament, but the bubble is as volatile as ever. With so many games left on the schedule, dozens of teams could work their way into or out of NCAA Tournament consideration in the blink of an eye. Even with the calendar still reading January, these games could be of immense importance to a specific program trying to make its mark.

Today we’re looking closely at that bubble, looking at a list of teams in danger of missing this year’s Big Dance. Some of these teams looked like locks for the Big Dance before the season or even a few weeks ago, while others are trying to work their way back into contention. This isn’t a cumulative list of teams on the bubble by any means, but these ten are all notable for those reasons. Let’s get right into the list, looking at their resumes and where they stand here at the end of January.

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