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Bracketology 2024: 10 notable teams in danger of missing the NCAA Tournament

San Francisco v Gonzaga
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Tad Boyle has quietly built a solid program at Colorado for more than a decade, though the Buffaloes have never exactly been a household name. They entered the season with plenty of potential in the Pac-12’s final season before returning to the Big 12 next year, but are they living up to that potential?

There weren’t a lot of things to note before league play, aside from their really impressive 27-point victory against Miami back on December 10th. That certainly helped offset losses to Florida State and Colorado State in the weeks prior, but how much does a win over the Hurricanes push the needle?

Losing by 47 points at Arizona was stunning, but losing to Arizona State and California in the next two games was even worse for the Buffaloes. This program did get back on track in recent weeks, including a nice win against Oregon, but this past week’s loss to Washington State certainly reverts a lot of that progress, putting them at just 6-4 against a mostly paltry Pac-12.

Even with just 1 Quad 1 victory, the Buffaloes have avoided the big upset, with zero losses below Quad 2, and the metrics and resume are still in pretty decent shape. Obviously, there are several performances they’d like to have back this season, especially with how outclassed they were by Arizona. There’s a chance for revenge in a few weeks. The bottom line is Colorado needs to avoid the resume-sinking loss in the next month and they should be in fine shape, even if they get blasted again by the Wildcats.