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Bracketology 2024: Analyzing bubble resumes of 6 Big East at-large contenders

As February winds down and the final regular season games play out, competition in the Big East is heating up. The top-three have all but punched their ticket to the NCAA Tournament, but for those still in the mix, these next few weeks are pivotal. There's only one question: Who's going dancing in March?
Seton Hall v Villanova
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Providence Friars - 17-9 (8-7)

Kim English’s first year with the Friars has helped solidify that the young coach belongs in the Big East.

For most bench bosses, a mid-season injury to your team’s leading scorer would be a death sentence for any potential postseason play. But after star forward Bryce Hopkins went down to kick off 2024, English’s team kept finding ways to win.

Devin Carter has been a major piece of this puzzle. The junior guard has stepped up and developed into a true star in the conference, averaging 19.2 points per game to lead all scorers in the Big East. His offense is fueled by a three-point shooting percentage over .400, all the while leading his team with more than 8 rebounds per game, despite his 6’3” frame.

The Friars’ home crowd has once again become a sixth man for this squad. Providence boasts a 14-2 record at The Dunk this season, featuring Quad 1 wins over Marquette, Wisconsin and Creighton. The other side of the coin reveals a far uglier side of things, with all six of the team’s Quad 1 losses coming on the road. To stay within contention, the Friars have won the games they are “supposed to win”, yet to drop a game to a Quad 3 or 4 opponent on the schedule so far.

Providence is currently riding a two-game win streak, but maintaining this form will be key for their postseason chances. The first of which, a matchup on the road against Xavier, will do a ton for this team’s stock in March. Even with difficult Quad 1 matchups versus Marquette and UConn ahead, a 3–2 record down the stretch would still put this team well within striking distance, especially if a few things go their way in the conference tournament.