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Bracketology 2024: Bubble Watch of key teams in early February

Notre Dame v Virginia
Notre Dame v Virginia / Ryan M. Kelly/GettyImages
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We are still more than a month away from Selection Sunday. Regardless, it’s definitely that time of the year when bracketology is on the forefront of our attention. Teams are jockeying for position or inclusion in the most magical postseason event in all of sports, where only one team can claim the title.

Nearly every season there’s some sort of controversy or disappointment when the bracket is revealed and certain teams are included or left out of the field. The bubble can be merciless and cruel, especially for teams that don’t quite accomplish exactly what they wanted in a given season.

Today, we’ll be continuing our bracketology coverage by looking at a number of teams currently at or around the bubble. This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but we are looking closely at twenty different teams today. This isn’t any type of roster examination and we’re not saying who we’d include in the NCAA Tournament today; it’s just a profile.

In these profiles, we’ll include their current metrics: their NET figure and records against Quad 1-4 opposition. We’ll be examining each of these programs’ best wins to this point in the season while also considering the losses potentially anchoring their resumes. We’ll also talk briefly about what’s to come for each of these teams.