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Bracketology 2024: Bubble Watch of key teams in early February

Notre Dame v Virginia
Notre Dame v Virginia / Ryan M. Kelly/GettyImages
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Texas (15-7) (NET: 31)
4-4 (Q1), 1-2 (Q2), 2-1 (Q3), 8-0 (Q4)

The Big 12 is full of opportunities and the Longhorns last four wins have all been Quad 1 victories. Among these wins were close calls against Cincinnati and Baylor and more recent double-digit wins at both Oklahoma and TCU. Prior to conference play, LSU was the only decent win on this resume.

While there are many opportunities for impressive wins, Texas also had a rough stretch in the middle of January, with a Quad 3 loss at West Virginia before a tough outing against UCF a few days later at home. All of those non-Quad 1 losses have come in conference play, so at least they avoided a nonconference setback.

The Longhorns haven’t been consistently winning in the league this year, but at least got back on track with a nice win at TCU this past weekend. It partially erases the sting of a close call with Houston, but Texas will need to win some of these types of games to solidify their place in the bracket, starting this week against Iowa State.

Texas A&M (13-8) (NET: 50)
4-4 (Q1), 3-2 (Q2), 1-2 (Q3), 5-0 (Q4)

The Aggies were ranked and started the season in style, with true road wins over Ohio State and SMU that remain as Quad 1. A close win in Florida over Iowa State was impressive, but their victory against Kentucky three weeks ago may have been the best moment in the season for this squad.

Unfortunately, they’ve been dropping games like flies, with Quad 3 losses at home to Memphis and LSU, two teams who are underachieving at the moment. The Aggies have lost in recent weeks to a dreadful Arkansas team and were upset at home by Ole Miss at the end of January. Eight losses, with half of them beneath Quad 1; that’s not what you want to see.

Texas A&M has just that single Quad 1 win in SEC play, but boasting four total certainly makes them stand out compared to other bubble teams. They do still play Tennessee twice in the coming weeks and get a shot at Alabama, making these next few Saturdays must-watch for Aggies fans.