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Bracketology 2024: Bubble Watch Updates for each conference in early March

Michigan State's Malik Hall, right, scores as Iowa's Tony Perkins defends during the first half on
Michigan State's Malik Hall, right, scores as Iowa's Tony Perkins defends during the first half on / Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA
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Eight days from now, the Selection Committee will share the bracket with the world, finalizing and broadcasting months of work from the hundreds of college basketball teams in the nation. It’s not just how these teams have played in recent weeks or months; it’s the culmination of years of training, tireless recruiting trips, and countless hours in and out of the gym for each of these programs.

The NCAA Tournament invites 68 teams, with nearly half of those going to conference tournament winners. That leaves 36 at-large bids that will be offered to the best of the rest. We already know a great number of teams that’ll likely scoop up some of those invitations if they fail to win their league tournaments, but we’re certainly far from comprehending everyone that’ll be in the Big Dance.

In previous pieces, we’ve taken a closer look at the current standing of bubble teams in a more general sense. Now, time is running out for these teams, who have just this weekend and then conference tournaments, except for the few whose tournaments have already begun. Thus, we’re going to be looking at the bubble and at-large situation for each conference as a whole.

Life is different depending on the conference. It’s hard to survive a week in the Big 12, and there are plenty of fantastic teams in the SEC this season as well. We’ll be diving into the significant conferences this season while also presenting information on potential contenders in other mid-major leagues at the end. This is about what these teams have done; we’re just presenting it on a conference basis. Without further ado, let’s get right into this, proceeding alphabetically by league.