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Bracketology 2024: Gonzaga, Kentucky, and Indiana among week's biggest losers

St. Mary's v Gonzaga
St. Mary's v Gonzaga / Robert Johnson/GettyImages
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There are very few things more exciting in the wide world of sports than the NCAA Tournament. Even if you don’t follow college basketball or watch a single game before March you can certainly enjoy as 68 teams wage war for three weeks until we determine the national champion. Long before that Tournament, countless hours of hard work go into each and every team’s season, hoping for what might be their only chance for that March Madness glory.

While the Tournament is a somewhat long event, there are certainly a large number of teams left out of the field. Only the best teams in the nation get the chance to dance and it can be heartbreak on Selection Sunday for those left out. There’s been a lot of basketball this season already, and even though we’re still six weeks from learning the NCAA Tournament’s members, we’re starting to get an idea.

While the regular season is full of tumult, especially now during conference play, there’s something of an upper echelon of teams in this sport. There are also a number of teams who have put themselves in healthy position to quality for the NCAA Tournament, while nearly half the bids will be earned from conference tournament winners. What this leaves us is more than a month of exciting action, where Tournament lives could be on the line each and every night.

We’re considering recent results today and looking at teams that haven’t exactly helped their cause. We are specifically looking at teams that lost ground, suffering defeats that put them in a worse position either for seeding or to make the NCAA Tournament. Much of the focus is on the bubble teams and what they can do to help themselves reach the Big Dance and you can be assured that the teams listed today didn’t accomplish that goal this week. Let’s run through ten of them right now.