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Bracketology 2024: Gonzaga, Michigan State and Memphis among teams in most need of a win this weekend

Austin Peay v Memphis
Austin Peay v Memphis / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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The college basketball season is always giving us these moments that will never be forgotten. It’s not just the marvelous buzzer beaters or unexpected upsets, but the individual moments and memories for these players and coaches that will last a lifetime. Those moments shine the brightest during March Madness, though clearly not everyone gets that chance at the NCAA Tournament.

The calendar sits more than a week into February, which means we’re getting closer to figuring out who will dance this season. The weeks ahead will be just as important as ever, which each day no doubt determining something. There will still be unforgettable moments even for the teams who fall short of the NCAA Tournament, but everyone’s goal is hearing their name on Selection Sunday.

We know that 32 teams will win their conference tournaments, but the other half of the bracket really gets determined in these next few weeks, as teams jockey for position and build their resumes. There may be a decent amount of teams somewhat in the clear right now, but there’s a multitude of bubble teams hoping to make an impact ahead.

Today’s focus will be on some of those bubble teams, looking closely at a few that really need to make their mark this upcoming weekend. We’re going to dive into a few teams on the bubble who face important matchups, looking at why they need to win these games and where exactly their resumes currently stand. There are perhaps dozens of other teams in this position, but let’s look closely at these ten we’ve highlighted.