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Bracketology 2024: South Carolina, Butler, and Nebraska among week's biggest winners

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After losing to Baylor in their season opener, Auburn got on quite the roll. The Tigers won 16 of their next 17 games, including a 5-0 start to SEC play. Now, this wasn’t the most difficult schedule in the world, but Auburn was still taking care of their business, at least until a pair of roads losses against Alabama and Mississippi State last week. Fortunately, this week was far more successful for the Tigers.

It was home sweet home for the Tigers, who won 81-54 against Vanderbilt on Wednesday, but the real breakthrough came this weekend. On Saturday Auburn headed on the road again with far different results, winning by 14 points at Ole Miss for their first Quad 1 victory of the entire season. They now sit here with 18 wins and a 7-2 mark in SEC play.

The Tigers are 5-1 against Quad 2 teams and don’t have any truly bad losses, though they wish they’d had a better performance against Appalachian State back in early December. They’re sitting in about as desirable a position as possible based on their schedule. Winners truly after bouncing back following a poor week, Auburn has another shot at Alabama next week and even tougher contests in the weeks ahead.