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Everyone is trolling the SEC after dismal Round 1 March Madness showing

The SEC is 1-5 in the NCAA Tournament and fans everywhere are letting the conference know.
Mar 22, 2024; Spokane, WA, USA; Auburn Tigers forward Jaylin Williams (2) reacts during the second half of their game against Yale.
Mar 22, 2024; Spokane, WA, USA; Auburn Tigers forward Jaylin Williams (2) reacts during the second half of their game against Yale. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The SEC is struggling right now in the NCAA Tournament going 1-5 so far with Tennessee being the only team to escape the first round with a win. For a conference that is supposed to be the best in all sports, they aren't looking too good in basketball right now.

Mississippi State started the misery by losing to Michigan State in the first game of the tournament. That game was going to be a toss-up at a 8-seed versus 9-seed game, so we won't fault them too much for that. However, the top teams like Kentucky and Auburn can't shoulder a lot fo the blame.

Kentucky came in as a 3-seed and lost to 14-seed Oakland where they could not guard a player that has made only eight 2-pointers this season. You would think they would have guarded his tight beyond the three-point line, but apparently not. Auburn had a 10-point lead with around five minutes left in the game and allowed Yale to get back into it and then when it came down to free throws, the Tigers cracked under pressure.

South Carolina and Florida were two more disappointments for the SEC as they both fell to double-digit seeds in the first round. Texas A&M and Alabama fans are currently hoping and praying their team can beat the SEC curse.

Of course, when a conference like the SEC folds under pressure in the Big Dance, fans are going to let them know. So, I had the pleasure of finding some of the funniest trolling tweets that fans had for the conference. If you are a fan of the SEC, I apologize, if you are literally any other college fan, please enjoy.

Someone might want to look into rebranding after this one. Clearly losing means more in this case.

This is obviously not real, but it is real funny. I don't think the SEC could handle anymore and they still have two teams left to play.

Maybe the SEC should stick to football because basketball is not working out to well for them at the moment.

If Alabama loses make sure you check on any friends that are Bama fans, they will need you love and support.

Hey, they are the Ivy League, I hear they are pretty smart. This is a next-level troll and I very much respect it, as does our very own Michael Collins.

I definitely would not want to be on any of those plane rides home.

The question has been asked and we need answers.

No sugar coating it, this guy got straight to the point. No arguments can be made, the SEC has been awful in the NCAA Tournament, and with two teams left, it could still get worse. Might be good to check on your SEC-loving friends, be kind to them as they are sad right now.

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