Busting Brackets

Fans go on a rollercoaster ride on social media after the Northwestern-FAU game

Northwestern and FAU give us an overtime thriller in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.
March 22, 2024, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Northwestern Wildcats forward Luke Hunger (33) reacts as the game goes into overtime.
March 22, 2024, Brooklyn, NY, USA; Northwestern Wildcats forward Luke Hunger (33) reacts as the game goes into overtime. / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, how we love March Madness and all the chaos it brings. Northwestern and FAU did not disappoint and brought us our first overtime game of the NCAA Tournament.

All eyes were on FAU as they were the Cinderella team of last year's tournament making it to the Final Four as a 9-seed getting the automatic bid from their conference. Northwestern wanted to come into this game and spoil any sort of repeat from last year's tournament hoping to send the Owls flying back to Florida.

The Wildcats did just that as they were able to fight back from blowing a 10-point lead late and his a game-tying shot with just eight seconds left. All they had to do was stop FAU from scoring and they did just that sending the game into overtime.

Once the game hit overtime it was all Northwestern from there. The Wildcats got the 74-65 win over the Owl to punch thieir ticket into round 2 and await the winner of UConn vs. Stetson.

After a game like this, it is always fun to head on over to X (formally known as Twitter) and see just how fans are doing. Well lucky for you, I have some of the best responses from fans right here for you.

There seemed to be no hurry for the Owls when they inbounded the ball. With no timeouts, they had to set a play, but instead, they just brought it up the court like there were five minutes left in the game. The Owls had to settle for a tough contested three-point shot trying to get a foul on the shot and win it with free throws. Did they not realize any sort of shot would have won it?

We all love Spongebob, but I am sure in this case the Owls didn't want to kindly give the game away.

If you know an FAU fan it might be a good to check in on them and see how they are doing. March Madness losses are tough, but a loss like this is even worse.

The refs were a sore point for both teams. A lot of reviews and missed calls in this one, but hey, you can't rely on the refs to win you a game.

Here is a live look at FAU fans right now. It is going to be a long ride back to Boca for the Owls. It was a good season, but no Cinderella stories this year as the Owls have an early exit.