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Gonzaga Women's Basketball: 3 keys to getting revenge vs Santa Clara Broncos

The Gonzaga Women Basketball team has arguably its toughest game left coming up with a game vs Santa Clara. Can the Bulldogs find a way to get revenge for last year's loss?

Montana v Gonzaga
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2. Efficient game from the Troung twins

One of the best backcourts in all of women’s NCAA Basketball belongs to Gonzaga with the 5th-year senior guard duo. Kayleigh Troung, who missed a good portion of last season with an injury, is averaging 13.1 ppg and 4.5 apg on 38% shooting from deep. Her sister, Kaylynne Troung, is at 10.6 ppg and 6.1 apg, good for first in the WCC.

Last season, Kaylynne was the only Troung who played against Santa Clara and in the loss, scored 16 points in 37 minutes before fouling out at the very end. That game was rough for her defensively, as Hiraki outplayed her at the point. 

The good news is that with her sister back, that should make things easier for all the players. That includes Maxwell, the biggest three-point shooting threat in the conference. The only real way for the Broncos to have at the upset is to have a bad shooting night but with all three starting GU guards being quality shooters, that’s going to be hard to deal with.

Plus, Tess Heal is going to have to guard one of them for 30+ minutes on Thursday night. She didn’t have to do that last year due to the injuries but that won’t be the case this time around. If the twins shoot well and don’t turn it over a bunch, the game is theirs.