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Hall of Fame Legend Dwyane Wade Gifts His Alma Mater, Marquette, With an Impact for Future Generations

Dwyane Wade makes a $3 million dollar gift to Marquette University to give new growth to youth literacy, enhance Men’s basketball, and add scholarship opportunities. 

Dwyane Wade’s gift ceremony
Dwyane Wade’s gift ceremony / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Dwyane Wade’s lasting impact on Marquette Basketball is news to practically no one, fans and alumni alike. After playing for the Golden Eagles from 2001-03, Dwyane went on to be drafted 3rd overall by the Miami Heat in the NBA Draft. He won three NBA championships over his 15 years with the Heat and was recently inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this past August. With university records, educational programs and other involvements in Milwaukee, Wade continues to make an impact on the city. 

The organization made the announcement at Monday’s Men’s basketball game versus Villanova. This gift affects many programs at Marquette University, including the Tragil Wade-Johnson Summer Reading Program, named after his sister, a fellow philanthropist, that aims to shape the next generation in Milwaukee. Dwyane has always held the Golden Eagles close to his heart, continuing to give back and inspire the entire community. This recent gift is another way they show how much they care for the youth and the people he once received so much support from. 

We got the chance to talk to Dr. Kathleen Clark, President Michael R. Lovell, and Dwyane Wade between halves at the game. Dr. Kathleen Clark has been running the program since it launched back in 2015 and is very thankful and excited to see the program be able to continue helping local kids. At the exclusive presser, when we asked how being at Marquette shaped him into the person and athlete he became to be, he said “...As a parent, having kids with different personalities, they all need to be treated a certain way, and if you find the right way to get in front of them and treat them and get behind them and support them, your kids can do incredible things....”  

With the focus on scholarships, many more kids that would not have thought it possible, will be able to receive the same respect and confidence Wade received in college. He expanded upon the longevity of the program, hoping to be answering questions about the growth of the program and even further steps next to ‘Pres’, both as old men.  

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This announcement comes just days after news broke that a Statue of Mr. Wade will be erected outside the Kesaya Center in Miami. It is no surprise to his fans, or the Big East school, that Mr. Wade continues to get national recognition and respect.