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March Madness 2024: Ranking the 8 Sweet 16 matchups in terms of intrigue/storylines

Allstate Maui Invitiational - Day One
Allstate Maui Invitiational - Day One / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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6. UConn vs San Diego State

The fact that this is a rematch of last year’s national title game automatically gives this game appeal. San Diego State might be better than last season, thanks to 21 ppg scoring big man, Jaedon Ledee. They’re a good defensive unit and there’s familiarity with UConn that should help their gameplan.

That being said, the reason why this game isn’t higher is due to the expected results. The Huskies are the biggest favorites of any of the matchups and they’ve looked like the best team in the country for months. This could be a blowout but the Aztecs might find a way to keep this close in the second half.

5. Illinois vs Iowa State

From a stylistic standpoint, this could be one of the more fun games to watch. Illinois is one of the best offenses in NCAA Basketball, while Iowa State has been one of the best defenses. How they look to defend 20 ppg scorer Terrence Shannon Jr. could be what decides the outcome of this game.

There’s some good starpower in this game besides Shannon, including Marcus Domask of Illinois, along with Tamin Lipsey of the Cyclones. There are some games with some bigger storylines but this game being at No. 5 is an indication of how stacked this slate is.