Busting Brackets

Marquette's slump continues, Seton Hall stays hot among Big East Basketball storylines

Seton Hall v Georgetown
Seton Hall v Georgetown / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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Now that we are in January, you start to be able to tell who is great, who is fraudulent, and what teams still have room to improve. So far this season we have had surprise teams, disappointing squads, and the titans continuing to be great.

The Big East was entertaining as ever with some tight contests, with one missed shot or one missed free throw being the difference in your season heading in the right direction or being put in a position where you head closer to do-or-die mode. However, this is exactly what we were expecting once conference play came around, all these stories clashing with some destined to fail, and some destined to surprise us all.

Some teams we are seeing may have gotten too much hype after nonconference play, and some have redeemed themselves after proving to be disappointing early on. Players have stepped up in different ways, and the Big East Player of the Year race is now starting to heat up with some stars of last year not shining the way they did in 2023.

So which teams earned their way into becoming some of the storylines of the week? And what do others need to do to keep themselves alive as we get further down the road to Madison Square Garden? Either way, the parity in this conference is as good as ever, which led to some great tales to tell after another week of play.