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Mock NBA Draft 2024: Picks and predictions for all 58 picks in draft

With the NBA draft approaching, this is how you can expect picks to be made
Purdue v Connecticut
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The 2024 NBA Draft is less than a week away, with just about every pick feeling up for grabs. Who are the top projected picks to watch and will notable prospect Bronny James end up getting selected?

Here's a mock draft, featuring all 58 selections.

1. Atlanta Hawks - Alex Sarr, C, Perth

In my opinion, the Atlanta Hawks should consider trading down in order to obtain extra draft capital. A suggested trade I would consider would be #1 to the Washington Wizards for #2, #26, and a future second-round pick. But for purposes of this exercise, I’m not making any trades. 

Sarr measured a hair under 7’0” without shoes and retained over a 7’4” wingspan. He’s a defensive menace, as he’s able to run the floor like a guard and is super switchable on defense because of his footwork and hit flexibility. Despite the Hawks having Clint Capela and Onyeka Okongwu in town, Sarr’s upside as a defender and even as a floor stretcher on offense are far too appealing to pass up at #1 overall. 

2. Washington Wizards - Donovan Clingan, C, UConn

It’s been rumored that Sarr and French wing, Zacharrie Risacher, are going to be the first two players off the board in this draft. However, Clingan is also a 7’2” big man himself that will make a major impact defensively. Clingan will be a maestro in drop defense and his 7’7” wingspan and 9’7” standing reach will provide the Wizards with some awesome rim protection. The Wizards have a couple of high-upside wings on the roster, but have a massive hole with the man in the middle as well, so Clingan definitely fills a need as well. 

3. Houston Rockets - Reed Sheppard, CG, Kentucky

Houston has an embarrassment of riches on their roster already, so there’s a number of ways they can go with this pick. Ultimately, Sheppard is an excellent shooter and can play on-ball when Fred VanVleet isn’t on the floor and off-ball when they play together. During his freshman year at Kentucky, Sheppard shot 45.5% on guarded catch and shoots and a whopping 57.4% on unguarded catch & shoots. Sheppard can unlock another element of Ime Udoka’s offense. I also expect his strong basketball IQ to help him defensively as well. 

4. San Antonio Spurs - Zacharrie Risacher, F, France

As stated earlier, most expect Risacher to be off the board by the time Houston is on the clock; however, San Antonio would not let his slide fall very far. Despite the rumored reports that the Spurs want a guard with this pick, they also have pick #8 to address that need, and at this point the Spurs would take the perceived best player available in Risacher. Despite his limited ability to create his own shot, Risacher’s role is as a 3-and-D wing as he stands at nearly 6’9”. His size and ability to defend and hit threes have been extremely appealing to NBA scouts throughout the pre-draft process.