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Mock NBA Draft 2024: Picks and predictions for all 58 picks in draft

With the NBA draft approaching, this is how you can expect picks to be made
Purdue v Connecticut
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15. (45) Sacramento Kings - Cam Christie, SG, Minnesota

It is likely that Christie will get drafted higher than this. With that said, this ends up being an excellent landing spot for Christie. With Malik Monk’s return uncertain and Kevin Huerter coming off an injury-riddled season, Christie could get some immediate playing time in Sacramento. However, Christie will definitely need some seasoning in the G League. Either way, Sacramento can maximize Christie whether it be this year or further along in his development. 

16. (46) Los Angeles Clippers - Adem Bona, C, UCLA

Outside of Ivica Zubac, the Clippers center depth is shallow and Bona can be an immediate backup. He’s long and athletic and can eventually anchor the Clippers' defense and his motor runs high. Bona played multiple years at UCLA and had an uptick in scoring as well this past season. 

17. (47) Orlando Magic - Jaylen Wells, W, Washington State

When Orlando picked Kyshawn George at 18, I said they needed to drastically improve their shooting. Here, Wells falls to 47, who is an elite shooter in his own right. Wells has a picture-esque form and stands at 6’7”. The theory behind both George and Wells is that they have size and can shoot the cover off the ball. Well, in this scenario, Orlando brings them both in. Orlando loves size in their draft prospects and Wells can play alongside Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner, whether he gets a guaranteed roster spot or a two-way. 

18. (48) San Antonio Spurs - Juan Nunez, PG, Spain

Nunez just signed to play for Barcelona next season, and given this is the Spurs' fourth pick in this draft, it’s optimal for them to use a draft and stash. Nunez is an elite passer and one of the most crafty playmakers in this class. The Spurs have yet to establish a long-term answer at point guard and Nunez can help with those duties whenever the Spurs deem him ready to come stateside.