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Mock NBA Draft 2024: Picks and predictions for all 58 picks in draft

With the NBA draft approaching, this is how you can expect picks to be made
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19. (49) Indiana Pacers - Enrique Freeman, F, Akron

Enrique Freeman is a rare participant in the Portsmouth Invitational, G League Elite Camp, and the NBA Draft Combine, as he had a spectacular showing in each. Freeman finally started shooting the ball this season and shot threes at nearly a 38% clip. He also led the nation in rebounding last season, averaging 12.9 RPG, which is impressive given he's only 6’7”. Freeman also can play in the post offensively, which could allow him to play in the dunker spot for Indiana while Myles Turner stretches the floor. 

20. (50) Indiana Pacers - Ariel Hukporti, C, Germany

The Pacers have back-to-back picks here, and it’s also unlikely the Pacers bring three rookies into the season. They have the option of drafting someone who would be willing to play on a two-way, but I went with the draft and stash selection here, Hukporti played in the NBL this season and was productive on both sides of the floor. It’s also conceivable that he comes over next year and even plays on a two-way, polishing his game in the G League. 

21. (51) Washington Wizards - AJ Johnson, PG, Illawarra Hawks

Johnson weighed a slight 167 lbs at the combine; however, he also measured 6’4” without shoes and has a 6’8” wingspan. Johnson is a pretty tantalizing offensive player for this late in the draft. He can score and pass as well as create for himself and others. While Washington added defense in this draft with Clingan and Ryan Dunn, now they get an offensive catalyst who can run the second unit. 

22. (52) Golden State Warriors - Isaac Jones, PF, Washington State

Golden State valued Trayce Jackson-Davis as a big in last year’s class and given they might need to let Kevon Looney go this summer, a playable big man would go a long way. The Warriors love playing small ball, playing Draymond Green as the small ball center frequently, and Jones has similar measurements. Jones is 6’8” but sports a 7’2” wingspan. Additionally, Golden State doesn’t typically value big men who can stretch the floor, making Jones the ideal candidate over some other bigs such as Quentin Post or PJ Hall at this point in the draft.