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Mock NBA Draft 2024: Picks and predictions for all 58 picks in draft

With the NBA draft approaching, this is how you can expect picks to be made
Purdue v Connecticut
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5. Detroit Pistons - Matas Buzelis, F, G League Ignite

It’s been the worst-kept secret throughout this offseason that the Pistons are looking for impact forwards. Buzelis falling to them at #5 would be a match made in heaven. Like Risacher, Buzelis also stands at nearly 6’9” but not to confuse the two, they’re very different players. Buzelis is much more of a point-forward archetype and a secondary playmaker, which is one of Risacher’s biggest weaknesses. Matas Buzelis’ game is very reminiscent of Orlando Magic forward, Franz Wagner. Buzelis would be an excellent complement to franchise cornerstone, Cade Cunningham.

6. Charlotte Hornets - Stephon Castle, W, UConn

Castle has informed teams at the draft combine that he will not workout for teams that have a primary initiator in place because he views himself as a lead guard. Castle is a jumbo ball handler, standing nearly 6’6”. However, most teams likely view him as more of a secondary playmaker on the wing than a true point guard. Don’t get confused, though, because Castle can hoop. Fresh off a national championship at UConn, the biggest concern about Castle’s game is his inability to consistently shoot. However, his combined ability to impact offense utilizing the pick and roll and his tenacious defensive tendencies are eerily similar to a young Jimmy Butler. 

7. Portland Trailblazers - Dalton Knecht, W, Tennessee

Despite being an older prospect, Knecht should go in the top ten picks. For Portland, they not only have a second lottery pick (pick 14), but they’re a little further along on their rebuild given the veterans they have on their team. Knecht just turned 23, and given his maturity, he might be able to lead the Trailblazers in points per game as early as next season. He’s a bucket-getter and can be the focal point of the Blazers' offense as they keep building and accumulating pieces. 

8. San Antonio Spurs - Rob Dillingham, PG, Kentucky

There are rumors that Dillingham can fall on draft night, but the fit with San Antonio at 8 is seamless. San Antonio needs guard play and Dillingham can not only facilitate, but he can also score at will despite his size. After getting Risacher at 4, the Spurs got help on the wing alongside Devin Vassell, Keldon Johnson, and Jeremy Sochan, so now they add a key piece to their backcourt. The biggest concern regarding Dillingham’s size is his defensive ability, but when your team has Victor Wembanyama protecting the rim, he can make up for a guard who can get past Dillingham on defense.