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NBA Draft 2024: 3 player options for New York Knicks to consider

2022 NBA Draft
2022 NBA Draft / Arturo Holmes/GettyImages
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F Jonathan Mogbo, San Francisco

Jonathan Mogbo doesn't have the defensive tenacity of Ryan Dunn or the Duke pedigree of Kyle Filipowski, but the San Francisco forward's all-around versatility could serve any NBA rotation well.

Mogbo was a double-double machine for the Dons as a junior. He averaged 14.2 points and 10.1 rebouds per game. He was efficient, too, as his 63.6 percent shooting percentage was eighth in the country among qualified players.

He has some qualities reminiscent of a favorite for Thibodeau at times last season: Precious Achiuwa. Mogbo has no issue hunting for the ball when it clanks off the rim on either end of the court. He's only the size of a small forward, but that doesn't stop him from battling for boards.

Unfortunately, Mogbo is not a shooter in the slightest. The next three-pointer he hits will be his first. He only attempted two last season for the Dons, so it's hard to expect he'll develop that side of his game at the next level.

The bad news for the Knicks is that Mogbo has gained traction towards the end of the pre-draft process as a real sleeper in this year's crop of prospects. Where it once seemed likely Mogbo would be available for the Knicks to select in the second round, it's now more of a gamble.

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But the New York Knicks have no shortage of options to select from when the 2024 NBA Draft takes place.