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NBA Draft 2024: 4 best potential spots for notable prospect Bronny James

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2. Dallas Mavericks

One player who LeBron has been linked to in his career is his former Cleveland teammate, Kyrie Irving. The two seem to have a good relationship now and the Mavericks are a franchise on the rise, coming off a trip to the NBA Finals.

The duo of Irving and Luka Doncic are good enough to keep them in contention for years, while still having a need to find as many good defenders to surround them with as possible. It would also be a nice irony to have Irving be the leader/mentor of sorts to Bronny as LeBron was to him years ago.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

For obvious reasons, the Lakers have to be the No. 1 team here. Although LeBron could be a free agent this offseason, there’s little indication that he would actually leave elsewhere, especially since there aren’t many spots that can offer a clear max contract slot. 

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LA doesn’t much much room to offer other free agents and could trade a couple of guys, potentially opening up some room for Bronny at the end of the bench. It would be the ideal situation for LeBron to have his son at the very end of his career and guarantee that he retires a Laker, which after winning a title, is the next most important thing for the franchise.