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NBA Draft 2024: Top 3 options for the San Antonio Spurs with the 4th overall pick

Kentucky v Vanderbilt
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2. SG, Reed Sheppard, Kentucky 

If you want a pure wing scorer, there may not be a better option than Reed Sheppard in this draft. His value is growing each day, and he may not even be on the board at four if he continues to trend upward. Sheppard can score from all facets of the basketball court and showed that on a daily occurence for the Wildcats.

He can shoot from just about anywhere—off the dribble, catch and shoot—it doesn’t really matter. He also isn’t afraid to take you off the dribble and attack the lane. His numbers aren’t astronomical, but he had performances during the season that would completely get you off your feet.

On the season, Sheppard averaged 12.5 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 4.5 assists, shooting 53.6% from the field. However, Sheppard had 32, 27, 21, and 24 point performances during the year. It is also key to note that Sheppard came off the bench alongside teammate Rob Dillingham, and both were the two best and most consistent players throughout the year on the team.

Sheppard would be a high-usage guard for the Spurs and could fit seamlessly into the lineup as a shooting guard, giving them another prime scoring option for their offense.