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NBA Draft 2025: Mock top 30 Big Board list of top college players for 2024-25 season

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9. Tre Johnson - Texas Longhorns

2023-24 season stats: N/A

Johnson is a 6’6 shooting guard who turns 19 in March, making him an extremely appealing prospect before even stepping foot at Texas. He has the physical skills to back it up, capable of bing a three-level scorer, and is efficient from deep. As long as he has a productive freshman campaign, Johnson will be an easy consideration to be taken in the lottery.

8. Payton Sandfort - Iowa Hawkeyes

2023-24 season stats: 16.4 ppg and 6.6 rpg

The 6’7 wing had a big junior campaign as a full-time starter, shooting 38% from deep on over seven attempts a game and over 90% from the FT line. Sandfort is an underrated all-around player and has the size to make him a natural wing scorer. Now as the clear focal point of the offense, Sandfort has the chance to put up even bigger numbers and remain an appealing prospect for next year.

7. Khaman Maluach - Duke Blue Devils

2023-24 season stats: N/A

At 7’1 and around 250 pounds, Maluach is one of the most physically imposing big men in college basketball, even though he doesn’t turn 18 until September. His defensive ability and size make him an elite future pro prospect and as long as he doesn’t look too raw on the court, Maluach will be one of the top centers in the 2025 NBA Draft taking off the board.