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NCAA Basketball: 10 best mid-major hires of 2024 coaching carousel

The 2024 coaching carousel saw a flurry of activity, especially at the mid-major level
Morehead State v Illinois
Morehead State v Illinois / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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It was as wild of a coaching carousel in recent memory with over 60 different teams across college basketball seeking to find a new head coach. From John Calipari bolting to Arkansas to Eric Musselman heading to USC to mid-major coaches finding their footing at bigger schools, there was a fair share of movement at the power-five level.

Despite many big-name coaches finding new homes at big-name schools, the mid-major landscape saw a plethora of coaching changes, too, with numerous talented coaches now looking to put their new schools on the map.

Although the spotlight may be on what is happening at the power-five level, there is no shortage of talented coaches in the college basketball industry -- especially at the mid-major level. 

As the 2024 coaching carousel nears completion with only two spots left to fill, New Orleans and Mount St. Mary’s, take a look at the 10 best mid-major hires of the 2024 coaching carousel.