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NCAA Basketball: 10 teams who should target Arizona transfer Oumar Ballo

Clemson v Arizona
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St. John’s Red Storm

Ballo may want to stay with a team on the west coast but if he’s willing to go out east, there are a few good options that could use him. One of them is St. John’s, who is losing Joel Soriano this offseason. Backup Zuby Ejiofor has potential but he’s not playing 25+ mpg next season.

After missing out on the NCAA Tournament, the Red Storm likely will focus on proven high-major talents instead of mid-major transfers who put up big numbers, because this past group ultimately didn’t work out. But again, will Ballo want to come out west to the New York area?

Washington Huskies

Another former Pac-12 program that Ballo and Arizona have dealt with is Washington, which is completely rebuilding with a new head coach. Danny Sprinkle comes over from Washington, having to rebuild an entire roster since 90% of the team either portaled or ran out of eligibility. 

There’s one transfer who the Huskies are hoping to get, Great Osobor of Utah State. If he follows Sprinkle over to Washington and somehow pairs him with Ballo, this would be an even better frontcourt on paper than Ballo and Keshad Johnson this past season. 

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This is the kind of move Washington needs to make to be competitive in the Big Ten and since Ballo is already familiar with the state of Washington and the west coast, this could be a dark horse option.