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NCAA Basketball: 3 reasons Dan Hurley made the right decision to stay at UConn

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament   - National Championship
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - National Championship / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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So, the hype and drama surrounding Dan Hurley to the Los Angeles Lakers was all for naught, he will remain the head coach of the UConn Huskies program. Los Angeles made a huge push with a contract worth $70 million, but Hurley had plenty of factors in deciding to turn it down for half the money to stay at UConn.

The initial news was a shock, as Hurley had brought back Alex Karaban, and it seemed that he was locked in on winning another National Championship. However, he at least had to listen to the Lakers, but decided that he was better suited for staying at UConn. The near scare is over though, and he will remain in the Big East over the NBA.  

Despite worries of NIL, Hurley’s known desire to coach in the NBA one day, and the prestige of the Lakers as a franchise, the Huskies have their coach back, and this will all go down in history as a what if. For Hurley, he avoids the trouble of making the jump to professional basketball and will continue to establish his legacy as one of the greatest coaches in the history of not just UConn, but the entire sport. 

For the Lakers, they will need to continue their search whether that’s JJ Redick or someone else, and UConn can now focus on the big picture with Hurley.  The attempt at a three-peat is now on, but what are the reasons that this was the correct decision for him?