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NCAA Basketball: 3 reasons Dan Hurley made the right decision to stay at UConn

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3. Loyalty, remaining close to home

Family is important when you hear the last name, Hurley. They are icons when it comes to New Jersey basketball, whether that is his father Bob, his brother Bobby, or Dan himself. His wife, Andrea Hurley also plays a huge factor, and it was clear she preferred to keep the family on the East Coast.

Keeping the legacy close to home is crucial here, and that is exactly what happened with this decision to remain at UConn. To some fans, this may not be something you think about, but it matters a ton in this situation. This also rings true for staying loyal to UConn as a program. 

Hurley is in a position to become the definite greatest coach in the history of UConn basketball, but he has many more years left to coach if that is going to happen. Jim Calhoun had a 26-year run that saw three NCAA Championships, and seven Big East Tournament Championships as well. 

Surpassing Calhoun may not be his main motivation, but holding the same respect that a coach like him brings about may have been. While the bridge between Hurley and UConn fans would be nowhere near burned if he did leave, he would never be viewed in the same beloved way a coach like Calhoun would have been. 

But now, the last name Hurley can continue to be further etched in the lore of East Coast basketball, and it will continue at UConn.