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NCAA Basketball: 5 best one-and-done freshman entering the 2024 NBA Draft 

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Northwestern v UConn
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - Second Round - Northwestern v UConn / Sarah Stier/GettyImages
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With the college basketball season wrapped up, it starts to shift your focus to the professional level. However, the hectic transfer portal kept many dialed in a lot longer than usual. Now, with the NBA Playoffs in full form, we get closer and closer to NBA Draft season, which to many is one of the best and most interesting times of the entire off-season. 

This year, more than any other year, there isn't a clear-cut number-one pick. For many people, it will be one of the European products, whether that is Alex Sarr or Zaccharie Risacher, who are both from France. Or a G-League Ignite player like Ron Holland or Matas Buzelis. But don't rule out one of the true freshmen entering the draft like Rob Dillingham, Reed Sheppard, or Stephon Castle either.

The controversy sets up the NBA Draft Combine to be a vital source to raise your draft stock and creates an NBA Draft filled with havoc and uncertainty. With all that being said, this class is loaded with unpolished yet skillful freshman who are entering the draft after just one season in college. Here are the five most prominent one-and-done prospects entering the 2024 NBA Draft. 

5. SG/SF, Ja'Kobe Walter, Baylor 

The 6-foot-5, 195-pound wing, Ja'Kobe Walter, was the leading catalyst for the Baylor Bears this season. He had his fair share of trouble in the Big 12 tournament, but all in all, he performed well in the NCAA Tournament in Baylor's two matchups. 

During his freshman campaign, Walter averaged 14.5 points, 4.4 rebounds, and 1.4 assists on 37.6% of the field. Walter's inability to create for others is one of his current downfalls in his overall game, as well as his inefficient scoring droughts. But when you look at his complete game and all his tools as just a 19-year-old, he has the skillset to be a very prominent NBA player. 

Walter is a pure scorer and will be able to translate that to the next level. If he can clean up the downsides of his game, he'll be a vital piece to whoever drafts him. Currently, he is projected to go anywhere from the back half of the lottery to just outside of it.