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NCAA Basketball: 5 NBA Draft Combine invites who should return for 2024-25 season

SEC Basketball Tournament - First Round
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The NBA announced 78 players who earned an invitation to the 2024 NBA Draft combine. The annual event, which took place over the course of a week in Chicago, was a chance for prospects to showcase why they are deserving of one of the 60 selections in next month's draft.

Many of the prospects who showed up in Chicago will likely garner enough buzz to ensure a selection by one of the 30 NBA teams in June. Perhaps even some of the players on this list will prove the doubters wrong and fight their way into a better position on the consensus big board.

What prospects invited to the 2024 NBA Draft Combine should consider returning to college for the 2024-25 season?

Back in the prehistoric ages of the 2010s, college players had plenty of reasons to make the leap to the NBA, even if being selected in the draft wasn't likely. The big difference between then and now? NIL.

These days, beloved college players - or just talented ones - can make money while staying at the collegiate level. In some markets, they may even be able to make more than they would playing professional ball overseas or in the G League. Plus, they can develop while having fun with their friends in the comfortable confines of their dorm rooms.

Still, the NBA's call will be too strong to ignore for many. For some, that will be a decision they may come to regret.

Here are five players who should consider coming back to college for another go-around.