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NCAA Basketball: 6 potential options for USC transfer Bronny James

USC v Arizona
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There has been plenty of talk about Bronny James always being a “one and done” player to get to the NBA as soon as possible. LeBron himself has talked about playing with his son before he retires and he likely has a couple of years left in his career by himself. If his father wasn’t LeBron, Bronny wouldn’t get drafted, considering the limited resume and coming off a major health scare. Still, for the chance to get LeBron, someone could draft him.

This option comes down to whether or not the James family believes that Bronny can develop better in NCAA Basketball or the pro route. If none of the top college options are appealing, he could just go pro and develop there, even if he means going to the G League.

San Diego State Aztecs

I wanted to look at a “dark horse” option that no one was talking about. One team that made a lot of sense was San Diego State, who just went to the national title game a year ago. They’re a team under Brian Dutcher that has had consistent success and is both a respected national program and also in the Mountain West, a slight step down from the Pac-12.

With Darrion Trammell gone and potentially Lamont Butler as well, the Aztecs will be a team that can offer Bronny having the ball in his hands a lot. And as we’ve seen with guys like Malachi Flynn, playing well at San Diego State can create a good path to the NBA.