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NCAA Basketball: 8 teams who managed to survive 2024 transfer portal madness

Illinois v Iowa State
Illinois v Iowa State / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Gonzaga Bulldogs

A year ago, Gonzaga was both a “winner” and a “loser” in the NCAA Basketball transfer portal. They landed three big names, including Graham Ike and Ryan Nembhard. On the other hand, they lost several key bench players who had big years elsewhere, including Dom Harris, Hunter Sallis, and Efton Reid. 

Combined with transfer Steele Venters missing all of last season with an injury, the Bulldogs had a lack of depth problem, which nearly ended their 20+ year NCAA Tournament streak. But not only did they make it, they extended made yet another Sweet 16 run.

This time around, only one rotation player from last season is gone and that’s senior forward, Anton Watson. Everyone else is back, including big man Ike and guards, Nembhard and Nolan Hickman. The freshmen (Braden Huff and Dusty Stromer) didn’t leave and they even added one of the top WCC players in the portal, Micahel Ajayi of Pepperdine.

With Venters staying as well, Gonzaga should have plenty of depth next season. It’s good enough to be a top-10 team and they still have a couple of open spots to fill. More importantly, they won’t have to worry about losing a key role player.