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NCAA Basketball: 8 teams who should target Duke transfer guard Jeremy Roach

Duke v Houston
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Michigan State Spartans

Michigan State hasn't been able to land a transfer yet but they need to find one from the backcourt soon to replace its starting duo. Leading scorer Tyson Walker has no eligibility left, while point guard AJ Hoggard looks like he's going pro. Unless Jeremy Fears, who recovered from a gunshot wound just months ago, is ready to take over the offense, they'll likely look to find a veteran option.

In the transfer portal era, Coach Tom Izzo has publicly been reluctant to add many free agents. But among the few he did add, including Walker himself, have worked out. Someone like Roach, with plenty of starting experience, would be a nice plug-in to the lineup to keep them competitive.

St. John’s Red Storm

The Red Storm had an experienced roster this past season but it wasn’t good enough to make the NCAA Tournament, with the various mid-major transfers having ups and downs throughout the season. Daniss Jenkins (14.9 ppg and 5.4 apg) was the top guard and he’s gone, along with Jordan Dingle and Nahiem Alleyne.

Coach Rick Pitino would do well to have not only a veteran guard leading the one but one already with power conference experience as well. Whoever his lead guard is tends to have big seasons and Roach would be an ideal option for St. John’s if they could get him.