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NCAA Basketball: 8 teams who should target Duke transfer guard Jeremy Roach

Duke v Houston
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Texas Tech Red Raiders

It was a very successful season for the Red Raiders in Coach Grant McCasland’s first season with the program, taking them to the NCAA Tournament. But with leading scorer Pop Isaacs in the transfer portal and top passer Joe Toussaint out of eligibility, they’ll need a new backcourt next season.

Including Isaacs, Coach McCasland has a good history with lead guards, including former Conference USA Player of the Year (back at North Texas), Tylor Perry. Unlike at Duke, Roach would be the clear go-to option at Texas Tech and have the largest role yet in his career.

UConn Huskies

Coming off winning a second-straight national title, UConn is likely going to have to replace at least four of its five starters. That includes all three starting guards, including mainly, Tristen Newton. The All-American ball-handler was a big reason for the team winning the titles and replacing him won’t be easy at all.

Roach is as talented as any ball-handler in the transfer portal and one trait he has that others don’t is that he’s used to the pressure, playing at Duke. So being on a team that’ll have 3-peat aspirations isn’t something that’ll affect him. Plus, he’ll be a one-year rental, so that incoming freshman Ahmad Nowell doesn’t get fully recruited over.