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NCAA Basketball: Analyzing 4 contending teams for Kansas State transfer Arthur Kaluma

Kansas State v Texas Tech
Kansas State v Texas Tech / John E. Moore III/GettyImages
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Villanova Wildcats


It’s been a long offseason for the Wildcats but they’ve finally gotten some momentum. The first was returning star big man Eric Dixon, instantly making them a threat in the Big East. Miami transfer Wooga Poplar gives them a needed three-point boost on the wing, while Jhamir Brickus comes over from La Salle to give them a true ball-handler to run the offense.

There’s still a lack of frontcourt depth at Villanova but landing Kaluma would be huge to round out what would be a potentially explosive offensive lineup. Having Dixon and Kaluma together would be a dynamic frontcourt duo and with his past experience in the conference, it should be a fairly smooth transition for both sides.


There could be questions about Coach Terry at Texas but at least from the outside, there are “definitely” questions about Coach Kyle Neptune, who has failed to make the NCAA Tournament since coming back at Villanova. They had a top-25 caliber roster and it didn’t work out, with all of the transfers from a year ago underachieving compared to expectations.

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That includes Tyler Burton, who went from an 18 ppg scorer at Richmond as a combo forward to his scoring production being cut in half. If that happens to Kaluma in his final year, his pro prospects would get torpedoed.