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NCAA Basketball: Analyzing top 6 teams for Iowa transfer Tony Perkins

Ohio State v Iowa
Ohio State v Iowa / Matthew Holst/GettyImages
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Oklahoma Sooners

There’s been a bit of a roster exodus with the Sooners, with starters Javian McCollum, Otega Oweh, and Milos Uzan all in the NCAA Basketball transfer portal. So right now, Perkins would not only be a featured piece on the roster but right now, would be their best player.

Still, it’s not a very good roster right now and unless Oklahoma adds a few more capable pieces, it’ll be a rough first year for them in the SEC. Would Perkins want to take on a rebuilding situation in his final season of eligibility? 

Oregon Ducks

Star guard Jermaine Couisnard is gone and so are a couple of role players but Oregon still does have Kario Oquendo and Keeshawn Barthélémy set to return. More importantly, the team should have star freshman Jackson Sheldstad back. 

That creates an interesting question since Perkins played more on-the-ball this past season, compared to his first three years at Iowa. There’d be an adjustment period for Perkins since he’d have the ball in his hands less. But with Oregon coming to the Big Ten next season, he’d certainly be familiar with his opposition.

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Each team certainly has their fair share of pros and cons but on paper, Indiana makes the most sense, though Arkansas and Missouri can also offer a lot of playing time. Will the local team win out?