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NCAA Basketball: Arizona, Iowa State, Houston rise in latest top 25 power rankings

Indiana v Purdue
Indiana v Purdue / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Another exciting Saturday and an event-filled week of NCAA Basketball have passed us by. Each passing week draws us nearer to the excitement of March Madness, though we’re not quite there yet. Nearly to the middle of February, the games are as important as they’ve been all season and the postseason is almost within reach.

Though we’re more than a month away from Selection Sunday and getting the next NCAA Tournament bracket, this season has already been full of memorable games, moments, and performances. During conference play, each passing day seems to present unexpected results or outstanding games by the hundreds of teams in this sport, from the power conferences all the way down to the lower majors.

Of course, the teams at the top are the ones that stand out, though that’s certainly not just the power conference programs. Anyone who has paid attention to this sport this season knows that leagues like the Big 12 and SEC are powerful, but there’s just as much drama and intrigue in a league like the Mountain West. At the same time, there are other surprises among the best teams this season as everyone jockeys for position in their conference races and on the Tournament bubble.

Knowing that there are numerous good teams out there, we’re updating our weekly Top 25 rankings with this past week’s results. At this point in the season it’s very hard to properly identify the best teams in the nation, but we’ve done our best based both on the last seven days and recent results in general. These are all good basketball teams and there are at least a dozen more that could’ve been included. Without further ado, let’s get into this week’s rankings and see where these powerful teams fall.