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NCAA Basketball: Buy or Sell Clemson, James Madison, Oklahoma, and Ole Miss as 2024 NCAA Tournament teams?

Clemson, Oklahoma, James Madison and Ole Miss are four surprise unbeaten teams in NCAA Basketball. Which of them are most likely to make the Big Dance this season?

2023 Discount Tire Hall of Fame Series Toronto: TCU v Clemson
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Oklahoma Sooners

The Sooners were the worst team in the Big 12 last season and roster changes were made, though none of them got as much attention as other newcomers to the league. But so far, the pieces have fit nicely.

Oklahoma has four wins over power conference opponents, with three of them coming away from home. Iowa, USC, Providence, and Arkansas all currently project to be middle-tier teams in their respective leagues but from a Bracketology standpoint, these should all be at minimum, Quad 2 wins for their resume going forward.

The backcourt duo of Javian McCollum and Otega Oweh have been fantastic, combining to score over 30 ppg. Pitt transfer John Hugley has been effective when he's on the court, scoring 11 ppg in 19 mpg off the bench. And guys like Milos Uzan, Le'tre Darthard, and Jalen Moore have been impactful on both ends.

Being in the Big 12, Oklahoma is going to have a ton of more opportunities to bolster its resume. Assuming they don't lose any of the three remaining buy games, they just have to avoid going 5-13 in league play to make it back to the NCAA Tournament. This roster is more than capable of doing that.