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NCAA Basketball: Hot Seat Head Coaches in Mid-December of 2023-24 season

Arkansas State v Louisville
Arkansas State v Louisville / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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The NCAA basketball season is constantly filled with twists and turns. Nearly every moment both of the season and the offseason is soaked with drama and intrigue, and that’s certainly the case even in the middle of December. We’re currently in the latter stages of nonconference play and at the end of what’s been a very stale week, likely due to most schools having finals before the holiday break. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to think about.

The fact is that this season lasts for more than four months before March Madness begins and we’re already more than a month into that time frame. Conference play represents some of the most intense and exciting action in this sport, but even before that begins we have a solid idea about this season. Many more upsets and unbelievable moments will transpire in the weeks and months ahead, but here in December we know something about most of these teams.

We know not just about teams and how they are progressing this season but about these programs as a whole. While some programs have really emerged in recent years, others have significantly stagnated or done far worse. Today’s focus is specifically on these programs that are struggling, but not just on the programs themselves. Today, we’re talking about head coaches on the hot seat.

We’ll be diving into a selection of coaches who should feel their seats growing pretty hot after more than a month of play this season. Some of these coaches could even find themselves out of their current job in the weeks or months ahead. This isn’t necessarily an examination of coaches in danger, but pointing out the group that have the hottest seats, meaning names like Mike Hopkins or even Kyle Neptune don’t quite make the cut.