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NCAA Basketball: Purdue, Kentucky, Memphis rises, Baylor and Gonzaga falls in latest top-25 power rankings

It was a big week in the latest NCAA Basketball power rankings, as teams such as Memphis, Kentucky, and Purdue got big wins, while Baylor and Gonzaga suffered some setbacks.

2023 Indy Classic - Arizona v Purdue
2023 Indy Classic - Arizona v Purdue / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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13. Creighton Bluejays - 9-2

Creighton was one of few teams to have multiple games this week that wasn't set to be easy matchups. The first one was in Vegas against UNLV, a team that had been struggling to this point. However, the Rebels easily had its best game of the season, dominating the Jays from start to finish to get the 79-64 upset.

Ryan Kalkbrenner had 22 pts and 5 blocks, while Baylor Scheierman had 16 pts, 7 asts, and 7 rebs to keep Creighton in the game. But Trey Alexander went just 2/13 on the night and as a team, Creighton was just 8/29 from deep. It's a flaw that has emerged, as this team can sometimes get too reliant and it comes back to haunt them.

The good news is that the offense was much better against Alabama, a game that was close from start to finish and ended up being a shootout. The final score was 85-82, led by Alexander bouncing back with 22 pts while playing all 40 minutes. Scheierman had 20 pts and 9 asts, while Kalkbrenner chipped in with 19 pts and 8 rebs.

The non-conference campaign is over for Creighton, landing a few good wins in the process. But the schedule certainly doesn't get any easier as Big East play starts. Up first is Villanova at home, followed by a key road battle on the road at Marquette in what should be a heavyweight matchup.