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NCAA Basketball Ranking of top 10 mid-major winners of 2024 offseason

McNeese v Gonzaga
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The transfer portal cycle and coaching carousel is well underway, and many of the high-profile players who entered the portal have found new homes. Mid-majors have felt the impact of the transfer portal this offseason, with many teams, such as Indiana State and Florida Atlantic, losing nearly their entire roster and coaching staff during the offseason. Furthermore, many of the top mid-major scorers left their schools and transferred to a larger power conference school.

There's been plenty of talk surrounding the portal and how it benefits power conference schools over the mid-majors, and with the large number of players (and coaches) that have left their smaller schools for a bigger name school in the past few offseasons, there may be some smoke to those claims.

However, there have been several mid-majors who have quietly been making some big-time moves this offseason and could be poised to turn some heads in the 2024-25 season. Some of these teams are among the "usual suspects" for high-performing mid-major teams along with some newcomers who could be in line to have one of their best seasons in program history.

And despite the difficulty for a mid-major to get more than one NCAA tournament in this day and age, there will be lots of potential for at least one multi-bid mid-major conference. It may be the beginning of a new era for college basketball when it comes to roster construction, but even with all of those changes, the mid-major magic will remain very much alive and well entering the 2024-25 season.

While there are dozens of mid-majors that have done a solid job this offseason, here are the top 10 mid-major winners of the 2024-25 offseason.