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NCAA Basketball: Ranking the top 25 players available in transfer portal in early April

Portal season is here. Take a look at the top players currently available.
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11. Malik Mack, Harvard

In his freshman year at Harvard, the 2023-2024 Ivy League ROY averaged an impressive 17.2 PPG, 4.0 RPG and 4.8 RPG. Mack is a gifted scorer who can score anywhere on the floor while moving the ball well, posting a 32% assist rate, according to College Basketball Scouting, making him one of the better all-around guards available from the portal -- and he’ll only be a sophomore.

10. Brandon Garrison, Oklahoma State

A former four-star recruit and McDonald’s All-American in the 2023 recruiting class, Garrison had a solid freshman year in Stillwater, averaging 7.5 PPG and 5.3 RPG on 57% shooting from two. Garrison won’t stuff the stat sheet nor raise eyebrows with flashy dunks soon to trend on Twitter, but he excels at providing a consistent and efficient presence inside the paint. The raw talent is there and the consistency is there, meaning the upside? Sky-high.

9. Jordan Pope, Oregon State

As one of the more underrated guards in college basketball, Jordan Pope wrapped up a fabulous second season in Corvallis, averaging 17.6 PPG and 3.4 APG on 45% shooting from the field and 37% shooting from three. Here is what I had to say about Pope, who entered the portal on April 2.

An efficient, high-scoring point guard will generate lots of buzz -- and seamless suitability -- in the transfer portal market.