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NCAA Basketball Recruiting: Analyzing 4 teams in play for 4-star forward Davis Fogle

Gonzaga v Kansas
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Davis Fogle is a 6'7 wing from Anacortes, Washington who has been a riser in the 2025 NCAA Basketball recruiting class. He's an all-around and versatile talent, capable of playing and guarding three different positions. The rising high school senior is a solid shooter but his passing, rebounding, and defensive skills has made him a true top-100 prospect that many teams have shown interest in.

According to Fogle himself, four teams have consistently been in contact with him. If he decides to commit in the Fall, then these would likely be the finalists for his services. From a roster standpoint, here's a look at how he'd fit with each option.

Creighton Bluejays

Fogle is the type of player that can succeed with Coach Greg McDermott, as he plays a similar kind of game last last season's star wing, Baylor Scheierman. They do have incoming four-star prospect Jackson McAndrew joining but with ASU transfer Jamiya Neal only around for one year, there's a clear path to playing time for Fogle here.

Gonzaga Bulldogs

As the "hometown" team, Gonzaga could have an edge in this sweepstakes. They'll have plenty of potential playing time to offer, as guys like Nolan Hickman, Khalif Battle, and potentially Steele Venters will be gone after next season. The team does have a 6'7 guard on the roster in Dusty Stromer, who started the first half of last season. But with no commits in the 2024 or 2025 class right now, the Bulldogs could use Fogle as a good start to the next era of the program.

Kansas Jayhawks

The Jayhawks landed several guard transfers this offseason, including AJ Storr and Rylan Griffen, two guys with multiple years left. Plus, four-star freshman Rakease Passmore is on board. It'll be an uphill climb for Fogle to get into a future rotation if Kansas keeps adding transfers but as Johnny Furphy showed, you can be a "one and done" prospect to the NBA if you can get on the floor and excel with this program.

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Coming off making the NCAA Tournament, Coach Fred Hoiberg is looking to get the recruiting wins to maximize the momentum. It's interesting to note that while the team will be losing Brice Williams after the season, they added two guard transfers in Connor Essegian and Gavin Griffiths, both of will be around for at least two more seasons. So there's a chance that Fogle could be dealing with a roster logjam on the wings.

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On paper, Gonzaga and Creighton has the best pathway to get playing time early and the Bulldog's location could ultimately matter. But thinking Coach Bill Self can't win any kind of recruitment would be a fatal mistake to make. And after seeing how well Keisei Tominaga looked at Nebraska. they do have a compelling selling pitch to make.