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NCAA Basketball Recruiting: Analyzing top 10 teams for 4-star PG Jeremiah Fears

Michigan State v Nebraska
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The 2025 NCAA Basketball recruiting class is loaded at the ball-handler positions, even outside of the five-star range. One of the more notable players in the group is Jeremiah Fears, a 6'3 and 180-pound guard from Illinois. The consensus four-star recruit is the younger brother of Jeremy Fears, a current freshman at Michigan State.

Jeremiah has carved out a path of his own as a talented basketball player. He's a point guard who can score at all three levels and even at a better rate than his brother. Fears has an all-around game, capable of defending and being a double-digit scoring threat at the power conference level.

And that's where he's going to end up. The question is where? Not too long ago, the four-star recruit announced a list of 10 teams in the mix. As expected, Michigan State and the family connection is in there. As is his home-state team (Illinois), and Arizona, the top program where he currently plays his high school ball (Compass Prep).

There have been online whispers about the possibility that Fears reclassifies to join the 2024 recruiting class. So while we'll still talk about him as if he's staying in the 2025 group, we'll also point out if there's a clear difference between which year he picks at specific options.

Alabama Crimson Tide

There was a chance that senior guard Mark Sears could come back for another year. However, he's on an All-American start to the season (21.4 ppg and 4.0 apg) and likely will just go pro instead of taking a 5th year. With him and Aaron Estrada gone, that leaves no real ball-handlers on the future roster.

Assuming that 5-star PG target Zoom Diallo focuses on the local state of Washington schools, the Tide can make an appealing case for Fears. It's a very offense-friendly and would allow the four-star guard to get plenty of time on the ball. That being said, who knows how many transfers the team opts to bring in as well.