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NCAA Basketball Recruiting: Analyzing top 4 teams for 5-star wing prospect Will Riley

Illinois v Connecticut
Illinois v Connecticut / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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We're at the stage of the NCAA Basketball offseason where some of the top prospects in next year's class have decisions to make regarding their classification. As we've seen in recent years, some quality players have decided to move up a year. That way, they'll be one year younger once eligible for the NBA Draft, making them more appealing to scouts.

One notable player to keep eye on is Will Riley, a consensus 5-star prospect in the 2025 recruiting class. He's a 6'8 small forward who is a three-level scorer with great offensive potential. His size makes him a quality "3 and D" prospect who could be a star at the college and potentially, the pro level.

Not too long ago, Riley announced a list of five options, including the NBL in Australia. It's worked for other players, including former Louisville commit, Trentyn Flowers. But there are definitely some pros and cons to going overseas and it's not for everyone. Plus, with how NIL is working these days, Riley could make more money staying in the states.

But what about if Riley decides to go to college? Plus, recent news of Illinois replacing Arkansas makes it four NCAA Basketball programs that could land him. This will be a unique piece, as I'll have to focus on his fit for each option, in case of either class scenario. Here's a look at who he'd fit with each option, for both the 2024 and 2025 recruiting classes.