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NCAA Basketball Recruiting: Analyzing top 4 teams for 5-star wing prospect Will Riley

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Alabama Crimson Tide

2024 class

With the return of All-American guard Mark Sears back along with the addition of Rutgers center Cliff Omoruyi, Alabama has a case of being the preseason No. 1 team in NCAA Basketball next season. They also have plenty of offensive firepower on the wings, including transfers Chris Youngblood and Houston Mallette, as well as top-30 freshmen, Derrion Reid and Naasir Cunningham.

On one hand, Riley could join a national contender if he joins them this season, whereas they may have to rebuild a bit the year after. However, Riley not only likely wouldn’t start but it’s not a guaranteed he’d even be part of the main rotation as a true freshman. They could be too good for him to get meaningful minutes.

2025 class

There are two main advantages that Riley could have in waiting a year to pick Alabama. All of the top projected players on the current roster are all seniors and will be gone by the time he arrives. Plus, he’d get a good look at Reid and Cunningham and seeing how good they look as freshmen, if they even get minutes.

If one of them breaks out as a key piece, Riley’s role could very well change when he arrives. But he’d also have a great shot at having a sizeable role of his own as a true freshman for the 2025-26 campaign.